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I am so happy you're here! Thank you for taking an interest in my work! Browse and explore all the different ways we can work together, meet the photographer, view the showcase and find out about our passion project inspirations. Then, let's work together and capture those grand memories! I'd love to chat!

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My Story

About me

Hey there! 

I photograph people in love. It actually is that simple. Nothing more, nothing less. I adore everything to do with photography and feel so blessed to meet & capture so many amazing people along the way, it is actually surreal! 

As your photographer, my hope is that we come out of this experience together as new friends! I aim to tell your story by documenting little moments and capturing big feelings. I want to capture you as your true self - all the epic stories, laughs, and special moments that you will fondly look back upon. 

My goal as your photographer is to focus on capturing your story while making sure that your photo session reflects your authenticity. 

I love travelling, music and everything to do with photography. I'm a free spirited soul that loves people watching, summer nights and above all else being a mom.


I am fully here for you. Please don't hesitate to contact me, I would love to hear from you!


Ashley Griffin xoxo

I am a Peterborough County and Kawartha Lakes Photographer. Relatively new to the industry, but a natural with passion, inspiration and creativity. Surprisingly, photography wasn't my first career choice but it is definitely my passion. Fun fact, I didn't own my first camera until 2020. COVID-19 really messed up the last three years for a lot of people, and I am no different. In December 2019, I gave birth to the sweetest baby boy. All the excitement of being a new and first-time mom was overwhelming and amazing all at once. 

My childhood was less than perfect, a product of divorce and dysfunctional family dynamics, I couldn't believe I was happily married with a baby boy. I had never seen that life for myself growing up, and so I was determined to be "that mom." You know the mom that does the sensory bins, and takes her child on outings everywhere! The overwhelming joy that I felt getting a maternity leave for a whole year to be "that mom." 


Fast forward, the world shuts down in March 2020 and an already isolating maternity leave becomes more lonely. My husband (an essential worker at the time) was always at work, along with many of the people in my life, family members and friends. It was just my son and I, while everything is locked down tighter than Fort Knox itself. I needed a hobby and my son needed something fun to do with his mom. Introducing the very first camera, self-teaching on YouTube and taking as many photos as I would like in the meantime, we busied ourselves and began not to notice the world's short-comings so much. 

After 9 months, my work wasn't all that bad and though I had lots to learn friends and family began to ask me for photos. Of course I said yes! I absolutely loved taking photos and it was great practice. They all said "you should open a business!" Unfortunately, I wasn't ready for that step then, and wanted a lot more practice. However, I did open my social media channels for tagging and gave myself the name "Inspired by Griffin Photography." But I didn't take a paying client until the end of that year, and since then we have grown to many families, engagements & weddings, boudoir photography and much more! 

A blog is coming soon, watch for the opening post about how I decided on the name "Inspired by Griffin Photography" to get to know a little bit more about me. 


"Capturing the moments of today that will wow your heart tomorrow" 

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Let's talk

302-1793 Cherryhill Road,

Peterborough, ON K9K 1Y4

Tel: 705-761-2421


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