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Inspired by Griffin Photography always has new creative ideas which ultimately turn into passion projects. We turn these passions into value added pieces for our clients. Check out our monthly newsletter segments, and feature Friday. 


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Monthly Newsletters 

The VIP Newsletter program sends a monthly Newsletter to your email account where you receive the latest updates, discounts, priority access booking on Mini sessions and much more! 


Feature Friday 

Feature Friday is a passion project that started from my love for small business and networking. At least one Friday a month, we will feature a branded entrepreneur/small business using our social media presence, website and connections to showcase, promote and spread awareness about local entrepreneurs in our community. If you own a small business and would like to be apart of this passion project, send us a message!



Model Calls 

From time to time, we come up with our creative Inpso ideas that we want to photograph, but need models to be apart of the idea. Model calls allow for expressive and creative sessions that grow our portfolio. The benefit to you is that you receive a completely free fully-edited gallery in trade of being able to publicly use the photos for promotions, marketing and showcasing our idea. 


Content Days

Content days are set up for photographers to express themselves, try new things and work through other obstacles blocking their creative channels. 

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