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Wedding Services 

Welcome to our world of capturing love stories! I understand the importance of finding a photographer who truly connects with you and understands your vision for your big day. Once you have booked your wedding, we will work closely together from start to finish capturing your rad love story along the way. For the better part of a year from engagement sessions, to bridal boudoir and wedding day, until your final gallery is delivered I am committed to ensuring every moment is captured just as you've always imagined. 

Engagement and couple sessions hold a special place in my heart. It's often the first time we get to work together and all Engagement sessions are complimentary when you book your wedding with me.

Join me on this incredible journey as we bring your love story to life. Let's create unforgettable moments together and turn your fairy tale into a tangible, everlasting memory. Taxes are in addition to the prices shown. 



  • 2 Hour Wedding Day Coverage (Ceremony & Portraits Only)

  • Perfect for small weddings

  • 50+ Digital Images

  • Single Photographer 



  • 6 Hours Wedding Day Coverage 

  • Perfect for small-moderate 

  • 200+ Images

  • Wedding Gift Included 

  • Single Photographer


Deluxe Wedding 

  • 10 Hours Wedding Day Coverage 

  • Perfect for moderate-large weddings 

  • 600+ Digital Images 

  • Wedding Gift Included 

  • Second Photographer 

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Mini Wedding

  • 4 Hours Wedding Day Coverage 

  • Perfect for Small-sized weddings 

  • 100+ Digital Images

  • Single Photographer


Basic Wedding 

  • 8 Hours Wedding Day Coverage 

  • Perfect for moderate sized weddings 

  • 400+ Digital Images 

  • Wedding Gift Included 

  • Single Photographer 

InspiredbyGriffin-3 copy 2.jpg

Premium Wedding 

  • 12+ Hours Wedding Day Coverage 

  • Perfect for large-grand weddings 

  • 800+ Digital Images 

  • Wedding Gift Included 

  • Second Photographer 

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With a Second Photographer, we are able to capture other perspectives and additional details. This is especially helpful when the two getting ready locations are in a different setting than the venue. 



Add a boudoir session to your package and receive a black-covered gift book to give your partner on your wedding day. 



Expanding your coverage is easy and can be done right at the event.



I offer a variety of prints delivered right to your doorstep 

Pricing varies based on print and size

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